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About Glamour Faces  

Some people are born givers, born to help and be good to other people. I am one of those people. I absolutely love how it makes me feel to give food to the homeless, donate to a worthy cause, or even something as simple as giving a hug to someone who needs it. I love to make people smile. So, it's no surprise that when I was introduced to the beauty industry my purpose clicked into place. Helping others to see and enhance their beauty is something I was born to do. Driven by my passion for people, I started GLAMFACES, a beauty company that encompasses all that I hope to accomplish. I put my all into every client I service. Every client is special and unique in their own way. What I do as an artist is teach my clients what products are right for them and what would work best in enhancing their natural beauty instead of masking it. With experience working for weddings, models, students and the everyday woman, working with me will ensure a great experience getting GLAMFACED.


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